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The Top Reasons Employees Quit

http://vitasinsurance.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/employee-benefits-900w1.jpgA desire for more money and the chance to advance their careers are important to employees when changing jobs, but those reasons aren’t what motivates them the most.

The chance to work in a job that allows them to do what they do best is the top reason employees list for considering, or taking a new job, a Gallup study found.

The problem, however, is that many employees aren’t getting what they’re looking for. Research revealed that employees who have worked at their companies for less than three years are more engaged and think they have more opportunities to learn then those who have worked for their employers for at least 10 years. However, it’s the long-tenured workers who feel like they are doing what they do best, the study showed.

The Gallup analysis discovered that the highest percentage of employees who strongly agree that they have opportunities to do what they do best are those who have worked with their employers for at least a decade. [Why Frequent Job Hoppers Might Make Good Hires ]

These results show a major disconnect, the study authors said.

“If workers are switching jobs and companies because they think a new role will allow them

Cybersecurity for Freelancers Protecting Your Clients’ Data

http://law.rwu.edu/sites/law/files/CyberSecurity.jpgFull-time freelancing affords professionals the opportunity to be self-employed, set their own schedules and regularly work on new projects. But there’s one aspect of this type of remote work that both freelancers and businesses sometimes fail to consider: cybersecurity.

“Freelancers are often tasked with developing projects and working on files on their own computers, without the same security tools and policies an employee working at a large enterprise [has],” said Mohamad Ali, president and CEO of Carbonite, a provider of data protection solutions. “This puts freelancers in a precarious situation, since they’re usually left … protecting [their own] personal and business files when working at home or from the road.”

“This is the same problem that BYOD presents to businesses,” added Mike Walls, managing director of security operations and analysis at security solutions provider EdgeWave. “IT staff have little visibility into the configuration or software load of the employee’s computer. That means that the remote worker is at risk of running software, or using hardware that is vulnerable to attack.”

Even without enterprise-level security and backup measures in place, there are still things you can do as a freelancer to keep your clients’ data secure. Here are a few best

Acer Aspire Switch 11 V 2015 Is It Good for Business


Acer’s Aspire Switch 11 V is a versatile, affordable laptop-tablet hybrid for work, but it’s held back by short battery life. The midrange 2-in-1 delivers a comfortable keyboard and a sharp 11.6-inch display in an extremely portable package, all for about $500. However, the Switch 11 V’s disappointing endurance makes it a better pick for commuters than business travelers.

The Switch 11 V’s display can be fully detached from its snap-on keyboard dock, so you can use it as a tablet when you want. Business users might get more usage out of the ability to reattach the display in the reverse orientation, providing easier access to the touch screen in cramped quarters — for example, on an airplane tray table during a long business flight. That capability could be particularly useful if you pick up Acer’s active stylus, which lets you take notes and annotate documents right on the Switch 11 V’s screen.

Workers will also appreciate the notebook’s keyboard, which is head and shoulders above what you’ll find on many competing machines. The keys offer snappy feedback and about 1.6 millimeters of travel, which is deep enough to provide a really comfortable typing experience.

Other hardware highlights include

Forex trading guide: how to choose?

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View videos on Forex – is the most efficient way to gain knowledge. In general, any player can pick up the habit of periodically search for new materials in the network of trade and add to their knowledge. Incidentally, this approach is relevant for a long time trading traders as learning is never too late.

Forex Tutorial in video format – ideal solution for open forex trading account.

What are you getting?

Availability. You can download videos from the web hosts, look them directly in the browser, send applications to brokers who are interested in your learning, and strive to more players on the stock exchange. And it’s mostly free, which is not true, for example, about the courses.

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Best Time and Attendance System for Businesses with a Mobile Workforce

Why TSheets?
Mobile Tracking

What makes TSheets such an attractive system for businesses with employees who always, or sometimes, work outside the office is the variety of ways they can manage their time and attendance. Out of all of the services we examined, TSheets offers mobile employees the most options for clocking in and out. With this system, on-the-go employees can use laptop computers, mobile apps, telephones, text messages or Twitter to record their time each day.

The TSheets mobile app, which is available for both iPhones and Android devices, allows employees to clock in and out, track the time they work on specific projects, view their time sheets and see which of their co-workers are also on the clock. Additionally, TSheets added a new feature to the app this year that lets employees create and submit paid-time-off requests.

The mobile app also allows managers to keep tabs on their mobile employees. Besides logging employees’ locations when they clock in and out, this system also records their specific locations every 10 minutes. With this, supervisors can see exactly where remote workers are spending their day. This added feature wasn’t offered by most of the other services we investigated.

Editor’s Note: Looking for a

The Best Time and Attendance System for Small Offices

Why uAttend?
Time Tracking

What makes uAttend such a valuable solution for very small businesses is that it offers nearly all of the bells and whistles of many of its larger competitors for just a fraction of the cost.

The system offers numerous ways to collect time and attendance data. Employees can use Web browsers, smartphones or telephones to enter their data. In addition, the system is also compatible with a variety of time clocks. You can choose between clocks that allow employees to punch in or out with a PIN code, ID badge, fingerprint or facial scan.

Many of the systems we looked at that were designed for very small businesses didn’t work with traditional time clocks. We like that with uAttend, you have that option if you want it.

Besides keeping track of when employees come and go each day, the system also manages paid time off by tracking accruals of vacation and sick time. In addition, uAttend allows employees to request time off within the system, with managers having the option to either approve or deny it. Although most of the other systems we investigated tracked vacation and sick time, not all of them included the tools to actually submit time-off

Best Time and Attendance System for Small Businesses

Why stratustime?
Time Tracking

Stratustime, which is from a company called nettime solutions, is such an attractive system because it has all of the features and tools businesses of any size would want in a time-and-attendance service. The system tracks all of a business’s time needs, including when employees come and go, when they take breaks, how long they work on certain projects, and how much paid time off (PTO) they have taken and have left.

When it comes to punching in and out for the day, employees have a variety of options. The system works with traditional time clocks, any Internet-connected computer, mobile devices and telephones.

The stratustime time clocks are cloud-based and can be configured to collect information in a variety of ways, including via fingerprints, magnetic stripes, bar codes, proximity badges and touch screens. When employees clock in and out with the time clocks, the data is automatically and immediately transferred into the software.

Stratustime also offers a mobile website for employees who don’t work in the office each day. It lets remote workers manage their time via any iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows smartphone or tablet. With the mobile website, on-the-go employees can clock in and out, transfer where